The Good Mom

Is it just me or is there just so much pressure to be the perfect mom? Especially if you're a stay at home mom like me. However, I like to consider myself a "work at home" mom ... because I do still have a job that I do at home but also take care of my little one. 

I just feel like nowadays it seems impossible to be a prefect mom. So much is required and expected of us. What happened to just playing and loving your child? When did it become a race for your child to be the first one to speak or talk in full sentences by the time they're two? I mean, my child is almost two and he hasn't even started talking. Some moms may look at me and think it's my fault and that I must have done something wrong. I know I haven't but at this point I am convinced that I am the problem. I am the "bad mom".

Oh how I wish that myself and every other mom out there would know that we are not bad moms. We are just doing our best and if our child doesn't say a word we want them to, that is okay! It will happen. I mean, it still hasn't happened for us yet but I know it will. I love that our son can't say ball but boy can he throw one!

Let's just face it .. .our child will never be good at everything ... nor should they be in my opinion. They may be the world's greatest talker and that is so wonderful ... or they may be able to pitch a perfect baseball but not say a word yet and that is okay too!

Give yourself (and your child) a break. You both are doing the best you can and that is enough. And believe me when I say that I am preaching this to myself as well. We all need to come together and support one another and not "mom shame" or tear each other down.

So if you or another mom today is struggling, let them know they are not alone and let's just come together and be a loving group of mothers. 

Strong women life each other up, not down. ♥️


September 23, 2019 — Toni Scott

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