Well hello there...

Hi everyone!

I am sure some of you are wondering what in the world happened to our ETSY shop! Well, it's sadly gone due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we are most definitely still here and ready to serve you and your art needs! We are using this humbling situation as a chance to revamp our website and basically start our shop from scratch. 

You will notice that we have some of the same prints, but many others are being redone and becoming more modern. We are slowly but surely adding more and more products each day, so if you don't see one that you want or that you saw on our ETSY shop previously, just let us know and we would be more than happy to help!

We appreciate your continued support and hope this next step in our journey is the best one yet. 

Toni Scott
Owner, Typologie Paper Co
March 31, 2019 — Toni Scott

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